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SWANSEA COAST RADIO is the new sound of Swansea, from Kilvey Hill to the light house at Mumbles, Morriston Hospital to Singleton Hospital, Swansea Marina to the Loughor Estury and everywhere between. We also don't mind those in Llanelli, Neath or Port Talbot tuning in!

If you are a business and looking for trully local advertising at a price that won't break the bank then do get in touch via email - philip.england @ making the subject line of your email 'advertising' (close the gaps before and after the @)

SWANSEA COAST RADIO will be home to the voices you know and the music you love.

Right now we are building the station, so now is a good time to get in as we lay the foundations of your new local station - SWANSEA COAST RADIO

Like Media and Nation are the companies that will be running the new Swansea DAB multiplex. The coverage area is shown in this map.

We are currently looking to obtain the costs of broadcasting on this multiplex.

Ofcom are the Government organisation that provide the broadcast licences.

The current licence to broadcast costs £350, which we are looking to apply for.

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