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Are you looking for a voice over for a radio or TV advert?

  • someone to read the travel news?

  • someone to record a line or two for a project?

  • cover for a community station or local station?

Drop me an email, I can record at home and email you,

or I could come to your studio location.


Just drop me an email to philengland70(at)

Please make the subject of email 'voice quote') or give me a call (drop me an email first, I will give you my private number to phone)

Take a listen to my demos that are located further down this page


I am getting back in to radio, click on the Moorlands Gold graphic for more information.  I have presented on a number of radio stations, which you can see listed here 

NEW! Send a request for In The Groove or Saturday Breakfast

via the message window, just click the icon in the bottom right

corner of this page


  • Radio BGM (Hospital)

  • Tyne FM (online)

  • NH Sound (Hospital)

  • Wham Radio 1449 (Torfaen RSL)

  • Oxford Local Radio (RSL)

  • ON FM (London RSL)

  • Swinging Radio England (online tribute)

  • Radio Tircoed (Community)

  • Asian Sound Radio (Manchester Commercial)

  • Upload Radio North Wales (DAB)

  • Upload Radio Surrey & SW London (DAB)

  • Bro Radio (Community)

  • Moorlands Gold (Community Spin-off)


When the Corona Virus lock down took place, my mental health became my main problem, its over taken my physical health as my top priority, finding things to do to keep my mind occupied and to give me a purpose.

See above for a banner link to 'Grumpy Old Git's Guide To Life' special page, well it keeps me active in doing.... 



The above is my submission to the Elysium Gallery's 'Ways Of Protest' exhibition.

It shows you can get a message and point across using past photos, designed graphics and the right selection of audio