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Welcome to the It's My Voice Podcast

On this podcast I will be taking a look at my health issues, talking to specialists in various fields, also also friends with various problems that they have to live with on a daily basis.

As the podcast goes on the podcast will evolve to include other aspects of life in general.

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The Podcasts


In this premiere episode a little bit about the podcast and me

Episode 1:
A look at Fibromyalgia and some of
its related issues
Episode 2:
Rant Edition - waiting, blue inhaler, eye zapping and a Covid booster jab
Episode 3: This week is Mental Health Awareness week, and today I am talking about 'Anxiety'
Episode 4: 
On this podcast, all about my
knee and my current housing situation
Episode 5: 
Rishi's PIP plans and the election - who will you be voting for? drop me an email or send me a voice message to take part

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Want to take part in this podcast? 

Please email or send a voice message to

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